Upholstered Headboard

I have been wanting to make a headboard FOREVER! In fact, I bought my fabric 2 years ago! So, after getting several bids that were way more than i wanted to spend (and for just the frame) I decided to go for it and build it myself. I hauled the kids to Home Depot and bought all my wood and then went to work! The jigsaw was a little intimidating, i must say, and at times had a mind of its own! yikes!! the nail-heads were a pain until I stopped using the dang rubber mallet! After bending or breaking at least 100 of those suckers I started doing them one by one. Luckily i invested in a box of 1000! I have a few left over... it was quite a process but it is done, hallelujah, and looks fabulous. Headboard: check. I am glad to get that one off my list!

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Pam said...

i'm so impressed! Looks fabulous.